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Integrated Facilities Services

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Comprehensive Facilities Management 
Outsourcing Solutions 

The Facilities Management Group represents one of the most vital, yet most often overlooked department within any organization. Unless your business specializes in the skills necessary to build a successful Facilities entity, assembling the team necessary to keep your business operating can seem daunting.  Transition Management can partner with you to build such an organization or augment the group you already have, freeing up your business’s resources to focus on its mission:

  • Manage timekeeping and payroll processes for all employees

  • Human Resources Support and Reporting

  • Conduct Performance Evaluations, including improvement action plans when necessary

  • Coordinate all Team Member Benefits including health, dental, vision, 401k and life insurance

  • Track Team Member PTO and Holidays

  • Document and process any Workers’ Compensation Claims

Complete Facilities 
Management Team-Building

TMC’s 20 years of experience in facilities management allows us to procure superbly qualified professionals across the myriad roles that support your organization. Our selections represent partnerships that span from initial candidate selection process through the team member’s ongoing training and professional development. We have partnered with some of the most discerning commercial and hospitality clients for roles including:

  • Project Managers

  • Space Planners

  • Executive Assistants

  • Information Technology and Audio-Visual Specialists

  • Receptionists

  • Operating Engineers

  • Carpenters

  • Painters

  • Groundskeepers

  • Custodians

Continuous Engagement with Team Members

All the Team Members we deploy receive support that extends beyond their orientation throughout their tenure with your organization. We at TMC believe that constant engagement is the key to long-lasting relationships. Some of the support we provide includes:

  • Skill-specific training on procedures and tool use to keep Team Members’ proficiency competitive in an ever-changing knowledge landscape

  • Safety Training modules covering topics ranging from ladder use to hazardous material interaction, ensuring confident, competent execution of job duties

  • Inter-departmental sessions to integrate Facilities Team Members into the broader culture of the organization, while allowing other groups a window into the operations of the FM Team

  • Sessions covering use of systems and procedures that intersect Facilities operations such as Work Order Management Systems, Key Card/Access Systems and Radio/Communication Protocols

  • Seminars on emergency response, disaster recovery and business continuity teach Team Members how to prepare for, contend with and recover from catastrophic events, natural and man-made

Rigorous and Collaborative 
Selection Process

Because TMC believes strongly our team members embody partnerships with our clients, we strive to make candidate recommendations that take into account not only technical and financial considerations, but those professionals that best fit the culture of the organization in which they will be immersed. Of the hundreds of candidates we interview, only a handful will be endorsed to meet with your organization. Our process in brief:

  • Initial meeting with client representative(s) to establish role parameters and salary ranges

  • Broad canvass of the client’s local market to quantify potential candidates and confirm target position salaries

  • Broadcast request for credentialing from potential candidates

  • First cut screening for experience and fit

  • Narrow pool to establish the best qualified professionals

  • One-on-one interviews with finalists to establish candidates recommended to client

  • Background check of finalists 

  • Scheduling of interview with client representative(s) to finalize selection

​Of course, throughout every step of this process, we  remain in communication with the client to inform of progress. 

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